Present real estate
remotely & online

Present spaces online in real-time 3D and Virtual Reality.
Work remotely using 3D Property Viewer on video conferences.

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Discover an effective way to boost marketing

Market your investment using real-time 3D visualisations. Allow clients to fully appreciate your vision before it is built and let them explore your property as if it was already finished.


Communicate projects

Attract and engage buyers using real-time 3D presentation and Virtual Reality


Sell faster

Shorten sales cycles by allowing customers to make informed decisions

Get things done working remotely

Discuss concepts, engage stakeholders and give client presentations. All done remotely at virtual meetings.

Launch sales together

Our customer-centric approach allows your prospects to find the information they need. The 3D Property Viewer® immersive experience speeds up the purchasing decision process.

In-store kiosks

Enhance the showroom experience with interactive touchscreen apps. Take advantage of shorter presentation times or simply let visitors explore on their own.

Web app

Use a carefully designed customer journey to attract and engage clients. From finding your offer online, to making an appointment with your sales representative.


Use features that bring value

Take advantage of our track record by implementing a feature set developed together with industry leaders. Based on your business case and provided materials, we adjust the approach to suit your needs.

Search engine

Browsing for spaces has never been easier. We use dedicated filters, tailored to your needs, to navigate users in the app.


Show the advantages of the location. After discussing your preferred focus with you, we make sure to emphasise the location’s best features.

Interactive architecture

We are fully aware of the aesthetic value of properties. We cooperate with your architects to find the best ways of showcasing their designs.

CRM integration

Combine the most advanced real-time rendering technology with data visualization to present your investments with up-to-date information regarding space availability.


Collect feedback from users and track their behaviour in the app. Get to know your target group and follow up with data-driven actions.

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3D Property Viewer and test it out on your device.

Get ahead with cutting-edge technologies

Exploit the fully immersive environment of virtual reality. Mix 3D with the real world, using Augmented Reality. Impress at industry events, trade shows, and client presentations.

Augmented Reality

Present a virtual 3D model of your investment in the context of the real-world environment.

Virtual Reality

Take your clients on a VR tour of a venue which is still being built. Fit it out in real-time with the TrueScale® app for interior design.


Work the way
industry leaders do

Find out who trusted us with the 3D marketing of their real estate projects.
See case studies from sample projects in the section below.


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Immersion Real Estate is a part of Immersion Group, which integrates technology with business. We develop advanced applications, experiences, and games for AR and VR systems. We provide full support at every stage of development - from the initial idea, through the strategy of implementation, up to the final delivery.

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